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Top 9 Adsense Alternatives for your website in 2023

    Google Adsense is a popular method for bloggers to earn potential money dependent on their traffic. Still, for some reason, if you are not using Google Adsense or you need to diversify your income, many Google Adsense alternatives in 2023 can be used with the replacement of Google Adsense. This article discusses the Top 9 Google AdSense alternatives that allow you to make extra money for your website.

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    What is Google Adsense and how can I use it on Our Website?

    Google Adsense is the most popular advertising Company launched in 2003. Google Adsense provides an Ability for bloggers to monetize their websites and earn money but for some reason, if you are not eligible for Google AdSense you can shift to other advertising methods.

    google adesnse exemple

    To add Google Adsense to your website you need to signup at google Adsense and register your website but make sure your website fulfils Adsense requirements.

    Why We should shift to another Alternative method? 

    if you need to diversify your income so you must shift to another Alternative method. If you are a good blogger and you select a profitable niche that generates a good amount of revenue you must shift to another alternative method to earn extra money. TO select a profitable niche you can use a google ads revenue calculator to take an idea which region you need to target or which is the best category.

    top 9 adsense alternatives 2023

    For example, if you select Asia pacific Region and create a blog on the topic of arts and entertainment and if you have monthly 50000 page views you can earn up to $3480.
    But if you shift to another method you can also earn extra money so let's start the other alternative methods that provide you extra money.

    9 Top Adsense Alternatives 

    So here is a list of the top 09 Google AdSense alternatives that can you use for your website to diversify your income.

    1. Media.net
    2. PropellerAds
    3. Amazon Native Shopping Ads
    4. Adversal
    5. Infolinks
    6. Skimlinks
    7. YlliX
    8. Buysellads
    9. Adclickmedia


    top 9 adsense alternatives

    Media.net is a leading advertising company that provides you best revenue for your website. The market cap is TOp 5 Largest company in the world to display ads. The headquarters of Media.net is in the Newyork. It provides a Display search ad format (D2S) that is based on the user intention Searches. This format is a very high conversion format.

    Advantages of Media.net 

    • ROI Optimization
    • High technology
    • easy to understand 
    • D2S Technology


    propeller ads provide a self-service platform for both the advertiser and publisher. it is a self-leading industry. propeller ads approved by ISO 27001, IQ net. Propeller ads give a high rate. for example, if your website or blog has 1000 impressions it receives 5$ revenue if the eCPM rate is 5$.Propeller ads allow you to gain extra high profit. There are many withdrawal methods in propeller ads, for example, Payoneer, PayPal etc. There are some withdrawal limits when you achieve that limit the particular payment gateway is shown on that so you can easily withdraw your profit.

    top 9 adsense alternatives for website

    Advantages of PropellerAds

    1. Automated Ad Optimization
    2. Fraud Prevention
    3. Self-Serve Platform
    4. Push Notifications
    5. click ads
    6. in page push
    7. interstitials
    8. Retargeting 

    CPC rate

    Amazon Native Shopping Ads

    Amazon Native allows you to earn extra income. It gives responsive ads below your article four types of ads are displayed on your website if you register in amazon native shopping ads. 

    1. Recommendation Ads
    2. Search Ads
    3. Custom Ads
    4. Native shopping ads
    Amazon native ads give you commission-based profit. for if someone purchases a product from referral ads and goes to Amazon.Amazon gives you a profit of 4-8 % which depends on the volume of the product.

    amazon associates

    Advantages of Amazon Native

    1. Relevant Recommendation 
    2. Flexible placement option
    3. Responsive
    4. Easy to implement


    Adversal gives two advantages one is a self-serve platform and another one is a Smart interface
    adversal adsense alternative

    Advantages of Adversal

    1. Native ads
    2. video ads
    3. Display ads
    4. Tag management system
    5. Built-in CMP
    6. No contract

    Requirements : 

    1. own domain name
    2. 50000 page views per month
    3. no adult content
    4. not be restricted by login details 


    Infolinks is the 3rd largest advertising platform that covers 1.5 billion monthly ad views. Thousand of publishers and advertisers are using Infolinks to increase their business ads. It provides stable revenue to its publishers. There are two different sections one is for publishers and another one is for advertisers. we will discuss more information in each section later.

    infolinks adsense alternative

    Advantages of Infolinks

    1. Intent targeting
    2. High viewability
    3. user-initiated expanding ads
    4. display ads with edge
    5. in screen ads
    6. in-text ads


    Skimlinks is a free and open new revenue for your content. Skimlinks provides automated commerce links. It provides a Google Chrome extension to access easily.

    skimlinks adsense alternatives

    Advantages of Skimlinks

    1.  Affiliate
    2. CPA
    3. CPC
    4. Preferred Partner Program
    5. 100% trusted privacy frameworks
    6. 60000 publisher
    7. $2.5 million in Sales/per day 


    yllix adsense alternatives

    Advantages of YlliX

    1. Instant approval
    2. daily payment 
    3. Fair rates 
    4. real-time optimization
    5. CPM
    6. CPC
    7. CPA


    buysellads adsense alternatives

    Advantages of Buysellads

    1. Sponsorship Sales
    2. Private Marketplace
    3. Header Bidding Management
    4. Self Serve Ad Platform
    5. Commerce & Affiliate Management
    6. Ad Block Recovery


    ADclickmedia is based in Austin, Texas are PPC(pay per click) and CPA(cost per action) based advertising platform that offers high rates to its publishers. it is a self-serve network that is used to target advertising technology. It protects its advertisers from fraudulent activity by using the latest and most advanced technology.

    adclickmedia adsense alternatives

    Advantages of Adclickmedia

    1. Pay per click(PPC)
    2. Cost per action (CPA)
    3. Self-manage system
    4. fraud protection
    5. verticles 
    6. Targeting techniques

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