Top 10 Solar plate Manufactures in 2023│Electronicsinfos

Top 10 Solar plate Manufacturing companies 

Top 10 Solar plate Manufactures in 2023│Electronicsinfos

There Are Many Solar Manufacturers In The Market Who Provide Renewable Electricity Solutions. We Must Shift Towards The Use Of Renewable Energy Because Of Changing Climate Conditions. We Use Solar Panels In The Form Of Renewable Energy In Our Homes, Shops, Offices, Industries Etc. Use Renewable Energy In This Article, We Discuss 9 Top Solar Manufacturers. When We Need To Select A Particular Solar Brand You Must Check Some Important Parameter That Ensures The Efficiency Of Solar Panels.

The Parameter Is based on the Lifetime Of The Solar Plate, Efficiency, Cost, Reliability Etc. When We Select A Particular Brand We Must Compare To Different Brands So We Can Choose The Best Of Them. We Also Ensure That Particular Manufacturing Solar Brands Follow All The Standards, Rules And Regulations Of Iec 61215. If You Are Going To Select Particular Brands You Must Do Some Research In The Market But We Know "Time Is Money" We Do Not Have Much Time To Do Research So Solar Analytica Resolves This Issue For Us There Are Some Market Research. According To The Tier-1 Solar Module By Solar Analytical, The 9 Solar brands are described below.

  1. Sunpower 
  2. Longi 
  3. Tongwei
  4. JA Solar 
  5. Trina Solar 
  6. First Solar
  7. Canadian Solar
  8. REC Solar 
  9. jinko solar
  10. Axitec 


Sunpower is top leading Manufacturing brand that provides the solution for renewable energy. Sunpower is a US-based company the headquarters of SunPower is in California. The CEO Of SUNPOWER is peter faricy. the operating income of SunPower is US-$27.46 million(2021). The product ranking point average is 86 /100. the efficiency of SunPower is 21.5%. Sunpower used ultra-pure silicon to provide maximum efficiency. the power tolerance of SunPower is (0/+5). the nominal operating cell temperature of solar power is 41.5 degrees. the product warranty of SunPower is 25 years.


Longi is china based manufacturer founded in 2000. the CEO of longi is Baoshen Zhong .longi manufactures Monocrystalline panels. longi manufactures solar wafers, cells and modules. longi, provide clean energy transition. there are different manufacturing technology including RCZ technology, diamond wire slice technology, PERC technology and bifacial technology. the shipment capacity of longi is 14.7 GW. the power warranty of longi is 12 years.


Tongwei is a china based company founded in 2009. The shipment capacity of Tongwei is 12.1 GW. the product warranty of tongwei is 10 years. they are offered polycrystalline and monocrystalline-based panels. tongwei currently has four bases including Hefei, Meishan, Jintang and Shuang Liu. The Hefei-based capacity is  75 GW. They used mono-silicon crystaline cells in the panels the market share of tongwi is 11%. the capacity of solar tongwi is 35GW.

JA Solar

JA Solar is a china based solar panel company founded in 2005. the CEO of JA Solar is JIN BAOFANG. the total revenue of JA Solar is 3.93 billion USD. commutative shipments of JA solar are 73 GW. There are 12 manufacturing bases and more than 20 branches in the world. they offered half-cell technology. the power warranty of JA Solar is 12 years.

Trina Solar

Trina Solar is a china based solar panel company founded in 1997. the CEO of Trina Solar is JIFAN GAO. The total revenue of Trina Solar is 0.18 billion USD. They offered half-cell technology. the power warranty of Trina Solar is 25 years.

Canadian Solar 

Canadian Solar is a Canada-based solar panel company founded in 2001. the CEO of Canadian Solar is  Xiaohua Qu Ph. The total revenue of Canadian Solar is 3.5 billion USD(2020). the commutative shipment of Canadian solar is 67 GW. There are then 23 branches worldwide. they offered monocrystalline and polycrystalline technology. the power warranty of Canadian Solar is 12 years.

First Solar

First Solar is an American-based solar panel company founded in 1999. the CEO of First Solar is  Mark R Widmar .the commutative shipment of First Solar is 5.5 GW. There are 3 manufacturing plants located in Malaysia, the United States, and Vietnam. they offered Thin film technology. the power warranty of Canadian Solar is 12 years.

REC solar 

The headquartered of  REC Solar is in Singapore. they offer multi-crystalline wafers. The CEO of REC Solar is Steve O Neil. The overall efficiency of REC Solar is 16 % to 25%..the temperature coefficient of REC Solar is between -0.37 to -0.25. the product warranty of REC Solar is 25 years.REC was founded in 1996. the commutative shipment of the First solar is more than  12 GW.

Jinko solar

jinko solar is a china based company founded in 2006. The manufacturing plant is in China, Malaysia, and Florida. The efficiency Range of Jinko Solar is between 18.6 to 21%. the material warranty of jinko solar is up to 25 years. jinkos solar has different solar-based series which are defined below

  • Cheetah series
  • Eagle series G2 -G4

the temperature coefficient range of jinko solar is -0.39 to -0.35.

Axitec solar

Axitec is german based solar panel company founded in 2001. There are different series of Axitech solar which are described below

  • AXi Premium
  • AXI Black

The solar panel efficiency of AXItech solar panels is 15.3 to 20.43%. the temperature coefficient of AXitech is between -0.44 to -0.26%the lifetime of AXitech solar plate is up to 25 years.


when you are focused on the technology of solar panels there are four parameters which are defined the quality of solar panels. the four parameters are described below

  • Efficiency
  • Lifetime
  • Cost
  • temperature coefficient


Efficiency is defined as how the solar cell reacts in the presence of solar energy.in other words how the solar cell gains energy from the light and converts it into useful output.


The lifetime has defined as the life of the cell array. the maximum time when output is the same as their initial value.


The cost is defined by how much per Kw of the solar plate.

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