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Windows 11 23H2 Build 25193

    window 11 new features

    Microsoft released a new version of Windows 11 and updated many changes which we discuss one by one. The current build 25193 fix many bugs and increased the performance factor. 

    Now you can easily integrate Xbox into your PC. now you can optimize the current build with tablet mode to activate using Viva tools.

    How to add the Viva tools using Github?

    If you want to add new latest Viva tools in Windows you just need to download them with the GitHub repository follow the instructions and you can easily activate so let's get started.

    Procedure :

    • Click on the Start menu, type the “cmd”  command and click "Run as administrator" for full access.
    • you need to Access the ViveTool folder using the “cd” command.
    • Enter this command “vivetool /enable /id:26008830”.
    • The Command Prompt should return the message “Successfully set feature configurations”.
    • Restart the PC and boom!

    Note: Be careful to activate this setting because it's not activated by default. 

    Xbox Subscription management settings

    Now you can easily access your Xbox Subscription settings using Windows 11 latest updates. you can also manage billing recurrence, payment method and the games and benefits associated with your Xbox subscription.

    Windows 11 Has a New Look

    The icon size is now smaller and in centred positions you can easily access the icon widgets. The design is clean and well-positioned aligned.

    Windows 11 Snap design

    Snap layout design gives the opportunity to easily access the app window for your choice.

    • Updated Apps in Windows 11

    • Windows 11 latest features update the window apps like Paint, Media Player, notepad etc. A new look gives you the freedom to select your desired design.

    • A Redesigned Settings

    • Window 11 gives you a persistent left menu feature.

    • Multiple virtual Desktops 

    • Window 11 allows you to manage multiple virtual desktops. it's just like a Google account for different users. Now different users select different design-based desktops as per their requirements.

    • Teams are part of Windows 11

    • Window 11 gives you the freedom to access Google Teams which is a popular video conferencing software. Teams are popular software with more than 250 million active users at the start of 2022.

    • Window 11 Requirements

    • Processor :1  GHz or  faster with 2 or more cores
    • Ram: 4 GB
    • Storage:64 GB 
    • System firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable
    • TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0.
    • Graphics card: DirectX 12 or WDDM 2.0 driver
    • Display: High definition 720p

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