29 Electrical interview questions and answers in 2024-Electronicsinfos

29 Electrical interview questions and answers in 2024

    29 Most Important Electrical interview questions and answers in 2024-Electronicsinfos
    Electrical interview questions and answers

    • What Are the Main Types of Electric Currents?

    • There are two main types of electrical current. one is alternating current and another is direct current. if you need more information about the electrical current you can read here.

    Can You Define Inductance and Capacitance?


    Inductance defined as flux linkage per unit ampere is called inductance. Its S.I. unit is Henry the symbol is H. The formula of inductance is described below

    Inductance = Flux/Ampere


    Capacitance is defined as the ratio of electrical charge and potential gradient. the unit of capacitance is farad that symbol is F. The formula of capacitance is described below

    Capacitance= Q/V = coulomb/volt

    Can we Start the 40-watt tube light without a starter or choke?

    If you want to start a tube light you must need a choke to ionize the neon gasses otherwise the second option is you use an electronic starter or choke to start the tube light.

    How can I connect the ampere meter in the circuit to measure the current?

    If you need to measure the circuit current you simply connect the ampere meter in the series of wires, not parallel.

     Which type of motor does not start without load?

    As we know the starting torque of the series motor is very high so we do not start the series motor without a load if we do so there is a chance the motor is burned or the structure is disturbed.

    What are Logic gates?

    Logic gates define which output depends on the pre-logic conditions. There is more than one input of logic gates but the output is one. The digital system is based on logic gates.

    What are basic Logic Gates?

    There are three basic logic gates as described below

    1. AND gate
    2. OR gate
    3. NOT gate

    What are an adder and what types of adders exist?

    The working of the adder in the digital system to add two binary numbers. two types of adders are described below
    1. Half Adder
    2. Full Adder

    What is a comparator in a digital system?

    The comparator is used to compare the two binary numbers and show whether both numbers are equal or not.

    Which gate is used for comparison?

    We used the XoR gate for Comparison purposes in a digital system.

    What are flip-flops?

    Flip flops are used to store the binary single bit. these are sequential circuits.

    What difference between byte and Nibble in memory?

    The byte consists of 8 bits and the nibble consists of 4 bits.

    How many levels of digital signal?

    There are two levels of digital signal One is a positive level and the other is a negative level or high and low.

    What are the Three advantages of a digital system?

    The  three digital advantages are described below

    1. Accuracy
    2. High dynamic range
    3. Automation

    What material is used for bearing in instruments?

    There are different materials used to manufacture a bearing in instruments that are described below

    1. Sapphire Material
    2. Glass material

    What Effect is used in the DC ampere-hour Meter?

    The chemical effect is used in the DC ampere-hour meter.

    When Needle is stopped in the instrument?

    When deflecting torque is equal to controlling torque the spindle is stopped in the instrument.

    What is the most effective method of damping?

    The most effective method is eddy current damping.

    How can change the ampere meter into a voltmeter?

    if you have an ampere meter and need to change it into a voltmeter just add a high resistance in the series of ampere meters.

    How can change the voltmeter into an ampere meter?

    if you have a voltmeter and need to change into an ampere meter just add a low resistance in the shunt of the voltmeter.

    What is the frantic Effect on transmission lines?

    Due to the capacitance effect the receiving end voltage is high as compared to the sending voltage is called the frantic effect.

    What is the construction of PMMC?

    The construction parts of PMMC are 
    1. Permanent magnet
    2. Rectangular core
    3. core winding
    4. hairy springs
    5. poles
    6. aluminium frames

    What Materials are used in thermocouple-type instruments and what is their temperature range?

    There are many materials used to create thermocouple-type instruments that are 
    1. Chromel versus constantan (0-900Ċ)
    2. Iron versus Constantan (0-760Ċ)
    3. Copper versus constantan (0-370Ċ)
    4. Chromel versus alumel (0-1100Ċ)
    5. Nickle versus nickel-iron 
    6. bismuth versus antimony 
    7. Nickle/chromium or nickel /aluminium (0-1260Ċ)
    8. platinum-rhodium alloy (0-1760Ċ)
    9. Tungsten -rhenium (0-2700Ċ)

    Do you know the types of pyrometers?

    Four types of pyrometers are described below
    1. Resistance pyrometers
    2. Thermo-electric pyrometers
    3. radiation pyrometers
    4. optical pyrometers
    what are generation voltages in Pakistan?

    The generation voltages in Pakistan are 11kv or 12.5kv. 

    Where is the Murray loop test used?

    Murray loop test is used in multicore cables, telephone wires, and power transmission lines to find faults.

    Can we use open CT secondary windings?

    it's hazardous because the resistance of the ampere meter is low so it acts as a short circuit. there is a high number of turns in the secondary sides so the high voltages exist in the secondary sides so that's why we must short the secondary in C.T.

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