How to Perform Technical SEO With Google Lighthouse 2023-Electronicsinfos

 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Do you know what are two basic types of Seo are? if no so let us explain the basic type of SEO.

    1. On-page Seo
    1. Off-Page Seo 
    how we perform Seo depends on which type of website and which type of platform is used to create the website. for example, if you create your website with the help of the WordPress platform the easiest method to perform on-page SEO is via an SEO plugin. you can use the Yoast plugin or another paid plugin for this purpose. In this article, we discuss how we perform on-page SEO with the help of google lighthouse. we take a deep report with the help of google lighthouse and according to the report takes measures so let's start the procedure. first, we need to open the Google platform and which website we need to do SEO just open in Google. see in image

    lighthouse seo

    We take a reference website Electronicsinfos and start the procedure. press F12 the right section is open in google chrome. The right section is chrome manager in which we open lighthouse settings. see in the image

    google chrome manager

    In the image, you see different categories. The categories include 
    1. Performance
    2. progressive web app
    3. best practices
    4. accessibility
    5. SEO
    We select the Seo option. now we see two options one is SEO for mobile and another one is for Desktop. we select for desktop and generate a report see in the images.


    you need to wait depending on the internet speed. google audits the website and generates a report. see images


    The report shows the final result seen in the image

    Seo result

    In this image, The SEO result is 100% we need to check another website in which we see some report parameters so let's take another report and see the final results.

    see in the image


    The result shows the SEO score is 80. it gives two parameters. one is passed the audit 
    parameters and another one is not applicable. see in the image

    passed audit

    This is passed results in which the options show that
    The page is mobile-friendly which viewport is described in the HTML section.
    The second option is to define that the page has a title. And other parameters are also passed step by step analysis.

    not applicable audits

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