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Types of Electrical Transformer W.r.t Uses

Types of transformer w.r.t usage

    Different types of Electrical transformers are categorised based on uses that are defined below

    1. Large power transformer
    2. Distribution transformer
    3. Small power transformer
    4. Sign lighting transformer
    5. Control and signalling transformer
    6. gaseous discharge lamp transformer
    7. Bell ring transformer
    8. Instrument transformer
    9. Constant transformer
    10. series transformer for street lightning

    Large power transformer

    If the transformer rating is above KVA The transformer is called a large power transformer.in this type of transformer, we used all types of cooling methods. The selection of the method depends on the total cost, operating cost, required space etc. The power transformer is a standard transformer and its windings are insulated. the power transformer is always plate form type. The capacity of a platform-type transformer tank is  200KVA.

    power transformer

    Distribution transformer

    Distributions transformers are transformers whose ratings are lower than 500KVA is called distribution transformers. This type of transformer is called oil-immersed self-cooled. This type of transformer is made in mounting. The construction is specific and we used junction boxes and switches as auxiliary equipment. This type of transformer consists of lightning and overload protection.

    distribution transformer

    Small power transformer

    This type of transformer is used for industrial purposes self-air-cooled. The windings consist of a metal casing. this type of transformer is available in single-phase and three-phase Single-phase units are available in 50KVA and three-phase units consist of 150KVA. the primary voltage is between 125 to 2400 volts. The secondary voltage is 230/460 or 115/230v. The standard size of this type of transformer is 75,150,225,300 VA.

    small power transformer

    Sign lighting transformer

    The signal lighting transformer consists of a single-phase, constant potential, self-air-cooled transformer. This transformer provides 115 -230 step-down volts. The windings of this type of transformer are totally enclosed in the box. This transformer is manufactured in the size of 5KVA.

    sign lightning transformer

    Control and signalling transformer

    This is a Self air-cooled transformer that is available in constant potential. The purpose of this type of transformer is to provide voltage in electrically operated switches and other equipment. This type of transformer is also an open and closed type.

    signaling transformer

    gaseous discharge lamp transformer

    This type of transformer is a variable voltage type. The design of this type of transformer is when connected with the load the secondary voltages drop. When the load is increased The leakage flux of primary windings increases voltage drop. When high voltage drops in the primary the secondary voltage is also minimised. Some transformer also contains capacitor in the metal box that improve the power factor. this type of transformer is self air-cooled type.

    Gas discharge lamp transformer

    Bell ringing transformer

    This type of transformer is manufactured with low capacity and contact potential. this type of transformer is used in doorbells, buzzers door openers etc. This transformer is used in closed metal. the voltage value in this type of transformer is 120v to 240v primary and the single secondary voltage is 10 v. 

    bell ring transformer

    Instrument transformer

    Instrument transformers are used to protect the equipment and to protect the ampere meter, volt meter and watt meter. there are two types of instrument transformer 

    1. Current Type
    2. Potential type

    the different types of circuits depending on the circuit voltage, need for installation and accuracy. There is some chance of an error during measurements. This type of transformer is based on accuracy, not thermal basis. instrument transformers are manufactured in indoor type, outdoor type and portable types. The secondary output voltage of the potential transformer is 120 volts. The secondary current of the current transformer is 5A or 1A.

    ct and pt transformer

    Constant transformer

    if we operate low voltages parallel lamps in constant potentials the running cost is high in this term so we used a constant current transformer and used lamps in the series. a constant current transformer is a special type of transformer that changes alternating current into constant potentials and constant current. this type of transformer is used for incandescent lamps and gas discharge lamps. The efficiency of this type of transformer is 96%. The power factor is reduced in all loads. This transformer is manufactured for outdoor pole mounting, subway mounting and indoor station type. The standard primary voltage is 2400 volts. The secondary current is 6.6 or 12 A. The standard rating of this type of transformer is 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,50,60 and 70kv.

    constant potential transformer

    Series transformer for street lightning

    This type of transformer is used in a series of incandescent street lamps. The working principle of this type of transformer is like an instrument current transformer. The primary is connected with the series of main series circuits. The lamp is connected in a secondary.

    series transformer
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