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Types of transformer W.r.t Core

    There are three types of transformer w.r.t core. The main difference between the transformer w.r.t depends on the sequence of primary and secondary coils. The types are defined below

    type of  transformer w.r.t core

    1. Core type
    2. Shell type
    3. Berry Type

    Core type

    The core type is a transformer in which windings are wound in the surrounding of the core and only one path of the magnetic field is called the core type transformer. In other words, the core in and winding out is called a core-type transformer. To reduce the magnetic leakage the winding and core are interleaved to each other. The core is always made in laminated form to reduce the eddy current losses. Core-type transformers are widely used in the market. The coils in the core type transformer are cylindrical but are also constructed in circular, rectangular etc. small core type transformer made with rectangular or cylindrical form. large core-type transformer coils are circular or cylindrical type. cylindrical windings are wound in the form of spring layers and insulated with the help of paper or cooling ducts because insulating low-voltage windings are easy.

    core type transformer

    Shell type

    The shell-type transformer is a type of transformer in which two paths are for magnetic flux is called shell type. The core is the outer side and the windings are the inner side of the core is called a shell-type transformer. The coils of the shell-type transformer form a wound. this transformer consists of a multi-layer disc type. We insulate with the help of paper. The whole windings consist of the stacked disc. The empty is available in the coil to provide the insulations. A shell-type transformer is a rectangular or distributed form. The selection of the core type or shell type transformer depends on the cost. The other factors are also in consideration for example voltage ratings, Kva ratings, Waight, insulation stress and distribution of heat.in the core type or shell type, E, I, and L laminated sheets are used to design the required outcomes.

    Shell type transformer

    Berry Type

    The berry-type transformer is a type of shell-type transformer. This transformer is a cylindrical type and its core consists of laminated. we arrange these cores in the form of groups that are connected by the radius. The main difference between shell type and berry type transformers is in shell type the core partially surrounds the windings and there are two paths of magnetic fields but in berry, type core fully surrounds the windings and consists of the distributed magnetic path. There are many advantages of this type of construction of a transformer

    Berry type transformer

    1. The core is strong and rigid.
    2. per kVA rating is minimised.
    3. The size and weight are minimised.
    4. At high operating flux, the iron losses are reduced.
    5. The manufacturing cost is low.

    we also used ASKERELS as an insulating medium In the transformer. This medium also provides cooling.

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