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 5 Steps to Select Right plc Controller 2023


    What is a plc Controller?

    A plc Controller is a type of system that receives input and sends outputs to the plans is called plc Controller. It controls the system logic functions using the logic functions. A controller is a significant part of plc .plc is a programmable logic controller that interacts with the controller according to the logic functions. Selection of the right microcontroller is a basic need of plc. There are 5 steps that are described below to select the right controller.

    Step 1: Where the controller is installed

    The first step is to select where your controller is installed .either your controller is installed in the control cabinet (IP20) or installed in distributed space saving (IP20) or distributed without the control cabinet.

    Step 2: Performance you need 

    The second step is to determine the right controller what is the size of the application where the controller is used? There are three parameters is determine the right size is

    Small: if your i/o is up to 50 it means it's a small application.
    Medium: if your i/o is up to 100 it's medium size application.
    Large: if your i/o is greater than 100 it's a large-size application.

    Step 3: Select the Programmer's language

    The Third step is to select whether you prefer controller language including FBD/LD/Scl or St/graph or high-level language. 

    Step 4: Select the motion control function

    The fourth step is to select the motion control simple function, enhanced function and sophisticated function. 

    Step 5: Select the automation H/S

    The 5 step is to determine the selection of hardware and software automation. The automation is hardware plc or hardware plc with high language programming or software plc and drives integrated plc.

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